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The company offers professional coaching and training services to assist clients with improving their productivity to have better health outcomes. Their mission is to educate and empower people to make informed decisions to be healthier spiritually, mentally, and physically through health and nutrition education; which will improve and enhance their quality of life. They incorporate practical skills for adopting an ideal diet, including label reading, grocery shopping, cooking, eating out and traveling.

PH+WC has impacted thousands of individuals and many organizations through their unique training and coaching technique. They train, lecture, and work with corporate administrations, small groups, churches, schools, doctor’s offices, Military personnel, and fitness clubs to educate individuals on how to have a more fulfilled life and optimal health through proper nutrition, lifestyle and dietary habits.


Small groups, Organizations to improve their productivity for improved outcomes overall

  • We reduce absenteeism, presenteesim and health care cost. We improve overall productivity for the office which transcends to the family and community.
  • Critically evaluate published research in order to make better recommendations to patients about diet and health
  • Better communicate with patients about the importance of diet and lifestyle when making treatment decisions, and engage the patient in more active decision-making
  • Prescribe specific diet and lifestyle interventions for patients with chronic degenerative diseases, and assist those patients in reducing or eliminating medications where appropriate
  • Develop relationships with providers who can assist in patient care outside of the provider’s practice specialty or scope of practice

Monthly Family and Friends Introductory Session with Meal

Enjoy delicious food and participate in an interactive discussion led by Beverly Grandison about diet, lifestyle and healthcare.  You’ll become informed about the latest and best scientific information about health that will allow you to make the most informed decisions for you and your family.  It’s free, and you can bring friends, but you must make a reservation.

L.E.A.N Coaching

Small Group Sessions – 2 hour / 3 week 2 hr sessions / 6 week 1 hr sessions.

Classes include:

  • Traffic Light Eating and Portion Control,
  • Breakfast and Grains,
  • Veggies and Fruits, the Skinny on fat,
  • Powerup with protein and play,
  • Water and more


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